Alvis Delivers Anywhere!

Alvis offers a variety of delivery trucks to match your project needs. Delivery vehicles range from a small single axle truck to a full size tractor trailer. We recommend a one day notice for deliveries in the Cincinnati area and a three day notice outside the Cincinnati area. Delivery fees are dependent upon location.

We accept materials at our Miamitown location that can be used in our recycling process. Materials accepted are limited to pallets and manure. All materials must be free of rocks, dirt, garbage, and metal (the nails on the skids are fine).

We are NOT accepting brush or fill until further notice.

Single Axle

Our single axle dump can haul up to 8 yards of topsoil, 8 yards of mulch and 10 tons of gravel or sand.
Truck Dimensions: 9′ width; 18′ bed up for clearance

Quad & Six Axle

Quad axles dump can haul 16 yards of soil, 30 yards of mulch and 20 tons of gravel or sand.  The six axle dump can haul 18 yards of soil, 40 yards of mulch, and 22 tons of gravel or sand.

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Single Axle
Quad & Six Axle


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