We specialize in soil.  From topsoil to specialized blends for bioswales, bioretention basins, rain gardens, ballfields, horse arenas, etc.   Below are a few of our most popular materials.   If you have a specific mixture, we are able to custom blend to meet soil specifications.


Processed through a 1/2″ long harp screen for uniformity, easy to move by rake or shovel.


*Lawn leveling/final grade
*Along sidewalks and driveways


Unprocessed topsoil containing clods and lumps, rocks and roots. 

Regular Topsoil

*New construction area when heavy equipment is used for spreading and grading.
*Backfilling retaining walls


A mixture of topsoil, clay, rock and roots. An economical material used to fill large areas at least 6” in depth.

Fill Dirt-Topsoil

*Filling a swimming pool
*Backfilling retaining wall
*Backfill yard to create a level, useable area


Blend of 50% topsoil and 50% compost that is shredded and screened to make a lighter, workable soil.  Garden Mix retains moisture longer, adds organic nutrients to aid in seed germination.  With minimal compaction, this blend promotes vigorous root development by allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the root systems.


*Raised beds
*Landscape mounds
*Vegetable garden

ROSE DR MIX (5 yd minimum)

Shredded Topsoil blended with sand, compost, peat, and manure.  Your roses will LOVE this!

CUSTOM SOIL MIX (5 yd minimum)

Almost any specification can be met with our custom blending service.


Compost holds soil particles together enabling the soil to retain moisture and utilize that moisture more effectively. The compost improves the coefficient exchange capacity of the soil; which means that the soil will retain nutrients longer. The compost then releases the nutrients at a steady, consistent rate, which reduces the amount of manufactured fertilizer needed. 


Compost is available in many forms:

Manure * Yard Waste * Mix of manure and yard waste * Mix of compost and sand

Rich in organic matter which helps to break up clay soil (something a lot of us in the Tri-State know all too well!)

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