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Starting 09-13-23:  We are no longer accepting dumps of any kind.  Brush, skids, and other wood products, please contact Agro Mulch 513-738-5678.  They are 3 miles North of us on State Route 128.

Soil and Turf Specialists

Dirt is dirt.  Right?  Well, not exactly…Bioswales, biosoils, rain gardens, ball diamonds, horse arenas, garden blends, golf course blends.  All soils need to be rather specific in what they need to do.  Soils with high or low pH grow certain types of plants.  Bio-retention blends and rain gardens really need a material that will perc (drain) quickly, but, still provide nutrients for the plants.  Ball diamonds need a sandier soil to allow water to drain as fast as possible to provide as few rain outs as possible.  Horse arenas have several types of materials that can be used all based on what the horses are going to be doing.  Garden soils need to have a lot of nutrients and need to be able to hold moisture to keep plants healthy and happy.  Golf courses are a whole entire system all on their own!  Believe it or not, most golf courses are built and maintained mainly with sand.

If you have any questions about your next planting project, give us a call.  We will be happy to help.  Have specs you need pricing for?  Feel free to contact Julie (  She will get everything lined out and priced for you.

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Soil and Turf Specialists

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