We specialize in turf soil products for baseball, softball, soccer, football, and more. For years, we have worked with many organizations which represents the quality and depth of services and products we offer.  We also offer special blends of sand/soil (any ratio to fit your needs).

All products are NATURAL materials!!  There will be variances in sizes.  (Each piece is NOT measured!)  There will be a variance with color, texture, amount of dust, and other natural occurrences.  


Diamond Dirt-Infield Mix
Diamond Dirt
Diamond Dirt is mainly sand with a small amount of silt and clay. It is processed through an 8mm harp screen for product uniformity. Our Diamond Dirt provides a safe infield by compacting to a firm, smooth surface that plays true and minimizes hops.  On a properly designed and built infield, Diamond Dirt requires less maintenance due to fewer soil amendments and less man-hours to prepare your field for play. We highly suggest using a PROFESSIONAL in the turf and field industry! (call us for recommendations). This will save your organization in the long run.  If not, keep these tips in mind: #1. You must have a properly designed infield (laser grading, crowning, leveling, edging, etc) #2. Compact every 2″ for new construction #3. If, after placing diamond dirt, you have squishy spots – ideal compaction has not been achieved.  The more active the surface (i.e. dragging, playing, etc) the quicker the field will reach optimal playability.  Once the field firms up, you can resume normal maintenance. #4.  Do NOT drag in the same direction – same as mowing your lawn… you don’t follow the same pattern every week, same goes for your field.  This will cause uneven spots and may ruin your grade, crown, etc.
 Mound Mix

Mound Mix is a sandy loam product. Used for pitchers mounds and batters box.

Red Brick Clay Track Surfacer

3/8″ to dust, attractive red color.

Diamond Clay Conditioner 


1/8″ to dust.  Used as a field amendment.

Limestone Screenings


3/8″ to dust, gray color.  Economical use for warning tracks.


USGA Sports Turf Sand

Fine Sand-USGA-Sports-Turf-Sand-Cincinnati

USGA Sports Turf Sand is screened to the USGA requirements to increase percolation and reduce compaction.

Sand/Soil Mixes

Sand-Soil Mixes are available in ratios of 80/20, 70/30 and 50/50 depending on your field requirements.  Used for topdressing turf areas and leveling the surface to improve soil drainage and reduce compaction.  Mixes are blended through a 10mm screen.

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