We are instrumental in the construction of many projects when it comes to making the Cincinnati area beautiful.  You may not see all of our materials, but, you will see the results by the beautifully growing plants.  Leading the way are the area’s most well-known and trusted contractors and landscapers.

 Some of our previous work:

Roselawn Sports Complex

We supplied the bioretention mix for Rack & Ballauer Excavating.  And we supplied the Reds Community Fund with the diamond dirt for the fields.

Freedom Center and The Banks

We supplied the soil mix for the tree wells.  Planted by Davies Landscape and Lawncare

Rapid Run Park

We supplied Sunesis Construction with all the materials to build the bioswales and bioretention basins.

District 3 Cincinnati Police Headquarters

We supplied the materials for the biosoil to Site Group Landscaping.

 Lebanon Sports Complex

We worked with Cardno JF New by supplying them with the rain garden mix.  Also, we supplied the City of Lebanon with more materials needed for the rain garden.

Roberts Academy

This is a bioretention basis done by Allison Landscaping.  We supplied them with the soil mix to fill it.

Shor Park

Again, we worked with Cardno JF New supplying them with the bioretention mix for Shor Park.

Kenton County Library

We supplied BioSwale mix to DER Development for the library in Kenton County.

Washington Park

This was a large project which we supplied special soil mixes for Planted Earth LLC.

Soil and Turf Specialists

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