Our Color Enhanced Mulch is 100% recycled, color enhanced, premium mulch is both attractive and environmentally responsible. Color Enhanced Mulch is made with only select, reclaimed wood, enhanced with environmentally safe pigments. Its fine texture and color enhancement enables the material to keep its look much longer than traditional mulches.  The pigments are non-toxic to pets and people as well.

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Mulches Available:

Black Supreme Fine/Medium texture, dark black color
Cedar Red Fine/Medium texture, rose red color
Chocolate Brown Fine/Medium texture, light brown color (color of a chocolate bar)
Coffee Brown Fine/Medium texture, dark brown color
Natural Mulch Fine/Medium texture, not dyed, blonde color. Used as an economical cover, for walking paths or animal bedding. 
Shredded Bark Mulch Double shredded, fine, stringy texture, dark brown color, 100% bark, no additives
Coarse Wood Chips Tan to brown color, will contain sticks (or larger), ground up leaves.  Used for pathways, dog runs, heeling in plants, etc.
Certified Playground Mulch Light color, medium texture, IPEMA Certified
Economy Wood Mulch Shredded, aged wood, and brush material, light brown color, uses include winter mulch, heeling in plants, economical ground cover, or dog runs.  Great for weed/moisture control in vegetable gardens.


Color Enhanced Mulch decomposes at a greatly reduced rate compared to conventional bark mulches. This eliminates re-mulching costs. In addition, Color Enhanced Mulch remains color distinct, with marginal fading. This gives it a longer color life compared to traditional mulches, which gray out quickly.  


The recommended depth for any mulch is two inches.  Don’t continue to add layers, as this may promote disease.

Mid-season “fluff” your mulch to help revive the color.  Fluffing also keeps the mulch from forming a crust which may prohibit water from reaching plant roots.

Once you’ve spread your mulch, it’s best not to water until the mulch is 100% dry.

Keep mulch away from the base of trees, shrubs, and foundations.

Lay a tarp down before dumping mulch onto your concrete driveway.  This will minimize any temporary staining.  If your driveway does become stained, use a pressure washer and/or hard-bristled brush.

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Black Supreme
Cedar Red
Chocolate Brown
Coffee Brown
Shredded Bark
Coarse Wood Chips
Certified Play Mulch Economy Mulch
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