Decorative Stone is less maintenance and a money saving alternative to conventional mulches.

Used in tandem with weed fabric or Preen (pre-emergent), decorative stone helps deter weed growth.  Decorative stone also provides excellent erosion control and enhanced drainage.  If you have an area that won’t grow grass, such as under evergreens or an area that doesn’t receive enough sunlight, try using decorative stone as a ground cover.  In the fall, use a leaf blower to clear the area and call it a day!

You all have asked!  We now have WASHED 2-6″ Oversize!


3/8″ size, round, off white with some muted colors.

pea gravel; decorative stone

* Around stepping stones
* Naturalized look in flower beds


Round, Off White Colordecorative stone washed two inch

* Flower beds
* Leach Line gravel
* Around pools, under decks
* French drains


Various shapes and sizes
2-4″ (below)
washed oversize stone; dry creek beds, decorative stone

We also have a 2-6″ oversize stone that is now washed!  We have set up a machine to wash the oversize.  Make sure to call, because it goes fast!

* Natural creek bed gravel
* Flower beds
* Water run off diversion
* Under decks


Ranging in size from 1 1/2″ to 3″ Cracked Stone

#2 limestone; cracked limestone

*Driveway base
*Divert water run-off
*Under decks
*Accent Mulch


Cracked chips, white and gray mix.

*Driveway topping
*Around stepping stones
*Flower beds
*Base for sheds
*Budget-friendly alternative to a paver patio


1″ cracked, red color

One Inch Red Brick Chips

*Flower beds
*Accent Mulch

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